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Scope of Work
  • Dewatering (Deep Wells)
  • Groundwater Treatment (Filtration)
Prismatic Development Corporation


New York City Transit Authority

Clifton Shop

The Project

Over the course of 2 years, despite seasonal adjustments and continual onsite logistic challenges, Tri-State was successful in the installation of nine Deep Wells at the project site, in addition to the management of a groundwater filtration system. Additionally, the project required a large amount of sumping for trench and deep pits concrete work alongside deep well operation to keep the site dry.

The Solution

Due to a large portion of the deep well installation and water treatment process being completed during cold weather months, extra precautions were required to successfully complete the job at hand. A continuous issue that presented itself was the potential for low flow of water within the pipes, and the high levels of Iron Bacteria. Low flow created frequent freezing of water within pipes in addition to blockage produced by the Iron Bacteria deposits. To counter this issue, water was recirculated into the well via a sump pump from the tank, wells are capped to reduce iron bacteria contact with air. Further challenges, such as the collapsing of boreholes around the site. Tri-State utilized Urethane Grout, to ensure a safe, environmentally sound solution.

The Challenge

Tri-State stepped up and design-engineered DEC approved dewatering solutions to keep the project working with only negligible impacts to the local ACCO remediation site, including but not limited to, flow redesign, recharge wells, and a mitigation plan.

Project Facts


New York City Transit Authority
Design Consultant