East Side Access Eastbound Reroute CH058B

Scope of Work
  • Dewatering (Wellpoints)
  • Groundwater Treatment System
Railroad-Michels Joint Venture LLC


New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority

East Side Access Eastbound Reroute CH058B

The Project

Sunnyside Yards is an active train yard utilized by the MTA, Amtrak, LIRR, and NJ Transit is also a State Superfund remediation area (Site 241006), as such, Tri-State designed and supplied a wellpoint system and groundwater treatment system capable of varying the size of the system to allow for flow, variation. The dewatering work called for a very large treatment system, consisting of a settling tank, bag filters, carbon vessels and iron sequestrant. Since the site is also an active train yard with specific access points, Tri-State was able to design and supply a system that could be compartmentalized to lessen the footprint in any one area and to allow access to areas of the site that would otherwise be cut off.

The Solution

In the process of obtaining dewatering permits on behalf of the General Contractor, The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) informed all parties that a local remediation site is an active in-situ remediation program within the Radius of Influence for the dewatering work. The DEC stated, the Former ACCO Brands Voluntary Cleanup Program (Site V00331) and Brownfield Cleanup (Site C241061) could not be impacted via the dewatering operations necessary to complete the work for the Eastbound Reroute.

The Challenge

Tri-State stepped up and design-engineered DEC approved dewatering solutions to keep the project working with only negligible impacts to the local ACCO remediation site, including but not limited to, flow redesign, recharge wells, and a mitigation plan.

Project Facts


New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Design Consultant