Emergency Vent Plant

Scope of Work
  • Dewatering (Deep Wells)
EE Cruz & Company, Inc.


New York City Transit Authority

Emergency Vent Plant

The Project

To assist the GC with their excavation, Tri-State designed, installed, and implemented a dewatering plan consisting of 12 Deep Wells at the project site. The Deep Wells were installed to 50-60’ depth to ensure a dry and safe excavation area after obtaining applicable dewatering permits.

The Solution

Excavations for the Emergency Vent Plant project took place on a busy street in lower Manhattan, NY. Since the project was required to progress in any way possible, the General Contractor prioritized excavation prior to full installation and implementation of the dewatering system. Tri-State successfully installed the dewatering system within the project site, above sub-grade, to alleviate the already tight working conditions on site. In order to facilitate the installation properly, Tri-State provided and required proper PPE, specifically Fall Protection/Arrest systems to install the header system to hang from the SOE.

The Challenge

The work for the Emergency Vent Plant project was conducted throughout the months of January to current day of May 2022. Despite the continuing challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tri-State maintains operations for the project at hand while strictly adhering to CDC guidelines and taking precautions to act against the spread of COVID-19.

Project Facts


New York City Transit Authority
Design Consultant