Gerritsen Beach

Scope of Work
Geotech (Piles)
Paul J Scariano, Inc.


The City of New York Department of Design & Construction

Gerritsen Beach

The Project

The Gerritsen Beach project was designed to reconstruct the Gerritsen Beach Area.

The Solution

The central focus of this project was to install 120 Stelcor Piles along Bartlett Place and Frank Court to support the new sewers. The majority of this project was conducted during the winter season, which frequently presented inclement weather. However, with the right preparations and measures taken, Tri-State was able to efficiently conduct the necessary work to successfully complete the project in a timely manner. In addition to the continually changing weather challenges, Tri-State had the task of overcoming site-specific challenges that presented themselves such as a narrow/limited workspace, overhead hazards and time constraints on work due to both human and natural restrictions, such as tidal, water levels, and local workhour restrictions.

The Challenge

Despite the many issues that presented themselves throughout the project, Tri-State was capable of overcoming them with the company’s diligent mindset and safety actions towards the project at hand.

Project Facts


The City of New York Department of Design & Construction
Design Consultant