Hudson Square/Disney

Scope of Work
Dewatering & Deep Well Installations
Civetta Cousins


Hudson Square Realty, LLC

Hudson Square/Disney

The Project

The 4 Hudson Square/Disney project was designed to build a new Headquarters for Disney in NYC.

The Solution

A total of nine deep wells were drilled for the dewatering process at 4 Hudson Square. As the 60’ of excavating continued, the Wells were lowered throughout the project as needed. Throughout the project, pump adjustments were made as needed. Our project began with NYCDEP Dewatering Permit acquisition. Once permitting was complete we were able to begin dewatering.

The Challenge

Throughout the course of the project several challenges were faced, such as site accessibility, secant wall leaks, broken Wells and Headers in addition to unforeseen subsurface conditions requiring immediate and consistent replacement of shanks and teeth on equipment. Despite these ongoing site complications, Tri-State continuously had an excellent response time and approach towards the shifting tasks at hand and was able to complete the job in an efficient manner while upholding client expectations.

Project Facts


Hudson Square Realty, LLC
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