Rehabilitation of Willet Avenue & Highland Street Bridges

Scope of Work
  • Bridge Retaining Wall Grouting
DeFoe Corp


Metro-North Railroad – MTA

Rehabilitation of Willet Avenue & Highland Street Bridges

The Project

The Metro North Bridges Project was designed to rehabilitate the bridges of Willet Avenue & Highland Street in Port Chester, NY

The Solution

The central focus of our work for this was to grout and stabilize the East and West sides of the bridge retaining walls at Highland Street and Willett Avenue (total of four walls). A total of ninety-eight (98) 3” diameter holes were drilled with an angle and grouted to stabilize the rubble foundation behind the retaining wall for later-on micropile installation. Tri-State designed the hole spacing and drilling angle. Tri-State also provided a grout mix design to keep the grout flowable to fill the voids behind the wall. A total of 135 cubic yard of grout was pumped and core samples were drilled and collected to confirm the effectiveness of grouting operation.

The Challenge

The work for the Metro North Bridges project was conducted throughout the months of April in May of 2020. Despite the oncoming challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tri-State was able to maintain operations for the project at hand while strictly adhering to CDC guidelines and taking precautions to act against the spread of COVID-19.

Project Facts


Metro-North Railroad – MTA
Design Consultant