Foundation Piles

TSGS owns multiple drill rigs that are capable of performing a variety of geotechnical services: Micropiles & Hollow Bar Micropiles Large diameter caissons up to 8ft H piles or soldier beams for temporary earth retention Tie-backs for SOE Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Cone Penetration Test (CPT)   More importantly, when you elect TSGS as […]

Construction Dewatering

Construction dewatering is to temporary lower the groundwater table in order to provide a dry or workable site condition. Methods include: Deep Wells Wellpoints Ejectors Sumps   The approach of dewatering will be heavily influenced by the conditions encountered as the excavations reach the anticipated water table and the soil conditions at the site. With […]

Groundwater Filtration

In construction dewatering, the recovered groundwater is often times contaminated and requires pre-filtration prior to discharge. TSGS will design a site-specific temporary or permanent treatment system based on the levels of contamination and estimated flow rate to meet the state and/or local discharge standards. A typical treatment is comprised of settling tanks, bag filters and […]